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Shattered Glass!

Last Thursday, as I was polishing my spectacles, they snapped in half at the bridge, leaving me with two lenses with hockey sticks attached to them. Thankfully, I was at work and I was able to use QuickFix to hold the two pieces together till I could drive to an optician who could fix it.

During the weekend, I accidentally sat on a glass topped table, which shattered, making a big mess and scratching my backside. While cleaning up, I got another cut on my foot.

On Monday, it was really windy. The glass door to our office swung open, was caught in a gust, and came down in a shower of shards.

On Wednesday, when I was showing the glass door repair guy the handle of the door, a small piece of glass stuck to it cut my finger and drew blood.

On Thursday, one of us was trying to get some water in a glass from the water cooler, when it shattered.

Seeing all this, and fearing a dosham in glass, we decided to get Murali to smash a white pumpkin smeared with vermillion to appease whatever it was that was causing this mayhem. Unfortunately, his aunt died early on Friday, and the pumpkin-smashing couldn’t be done.

If I were the superstitious type, I probably would have gone in search of a priest to perform some rituals to rid us of the evil that was stalking us. Not being such a one, I blog about it instead!

BTW, testing out BlogDesk, and posting from it.

4 thoughts to “Shattered Glass!”

  1. Reminds me of The Calculus Affair (Tintin)!!!

    Look out for Mr. Calculus or Algebra who keeps following you…;)

    And, it takes this many glass breakage to make you blog again in the earnest…;)

    BTW what is blogdesk?

  2. Am not the superstitious type either but things we don’t know need not necessarily be unscientific. In theory too, four or five times may be more than a coincidence.

    Yes, I am high on recently watched Ghostbusters! 🙂

  3. Navin, I don’t remember you being a veggie… maybe you should abandon the வெள்ளை பூசணிக்காய் (vellai poosanikkai), which seems to be under the influence of some கெட்ட சகுனம் (ketta sagunam) and go for a straight forward கெடா வெட்டு (keda vettu) instead 😉
    I took a peek at Blog Desk, looks very useful, but runs only on Windows so I can’t use it on my Mac. I’ll probably install it in the stodgy Windows PC in the office.

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