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The Perfect Murder – Finished!

Just finished watching the Perfect Murder. It was a thoroughly enjoyable movie, though Vidya didn’t care much for it. Visually very rich, the movie shows you Mumbai like you’ve never seen it – maybe this Mumbai exists only in the world of Inspector Ghote.

The acting seems stilted at the beginning because you find Indian actors in Indian settings speaking English. After you get used to it though, the going is very easy. Narrative-wise, one could argue that the portrayal is rather ridiculous and caricature-like. But this keeps it from getting too slow or boring. Especially so is the part where Inspector Ghote and his informant rescue Svenssen using a band of marauding woman demonstrators.

From the point of view of a detective story, of course, there is not too much in it. This is no Hitchcockian thriller. Rather, it is a simple police investigation presented with a comic, even ridiculous, twist.

5 thoughts to “The Perfect Murder – Finished!”

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