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Bad Movies

If you had read my lament a few posts back about watching bad movies and wondered what provoked it, here is the answer.

Usually, when we go to the DVD rental shop, Vidya makes the final decision on whether or not a particular movie is to be rented. We each of us pull out a few, and from that she chooses. Her choices are usually good, and both of us enjoy them.

Last week, I ended up alone at the shop as Vidya was working late. After looking around for a while, I picked up Kung Fu Hustle – which I knew Vidya would never watch, and Albert Brooks’ Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World, one that I hoped would be watchable. Both turned out to be terrible choices. Albert Brooks’ wooden portrayal with a bunch of stereotypes so hopeless they weren’t even funny made it a struggle even to get to the end of the movie. I never got a chance to finish watching Kung Fu Hustle as Vidya was too disgusted with it. For the first time, we returned a movie without actually fully watching it.

Then, during our next visit, Vidya picked up Young Adam. To be fair, the movie wasn’t a total disaster – it just left you feeling so bad that the experience did not seem to be worth it. However, the other movie we had picked up along with it was the Perfect Murder – so all was well!

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