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Puriyadha Pudhir

My apologies to the non-Tamil bloggers out there – this post is entirely about a Tamil movie we watched on my birthday.

Somehow, Vidya and I ended up watching Puriyadha Pudhir on KTV on my birthday. To my delight, I enjoyed the movie – right from the start, where K.S. Ravikumar enigmatically says, “Aah, I have escaped” when he is subdued by policemen and locked up in a prison cell, till the end, where the selfsame Ravikumar exhorts us not to share the ending with anyone.

And of course, I finally got to watch the legendary scene where Raghuvaran says “I know” 16 (or 27 or 36 or whatever number takes your fancy) times. The movie was fast-paced, except for the silly dancing by Anand Babu, which were downright comical. The narrative was good and the editing tight. Out of make-up, Rekha looked the best I’ve seen her look, and a much-younger and more dashing Sarath Kumar plays a tiny role as Inspector Sharath.

After the trash I watched last week, this movie came as a breath of fresh air.

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