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Vidya and I are quite Scrabble-mad.

We used to play quite often, and once Suresh got us a deluxe board (it was then not available in India – he lugged it for us all the way from the US!), it was almost a daily affair. It was then that the Chennai Scrabble Championship was announced, and naturally, both of us signed up for it.

Once we went to the championship, we discovered a whole new world of Scrabble play. There were quite a few amateurs like us, but the core group was a bunch of tournament-hardened regulars, members of the Chennai Scrabble Club. We had to play seven games in a row, and my first was with a veteran player from the club. Needless to say, I got thrashed pretty badly – the spread was about 140 points. I played my other games much better – thanks to some tips from my first-round nemesis after the game! Vidya had a much better run and her spreads were smaller. We managed to win a few and lost a few. Finally, at the end of the day, we finished fifteenth and sixteenth – Vidya was the higher ranked.

We went home hoping to hone our skills and come back every year for the tournament. Unfortunately, there were no sponsors after that year and the tournament hasn’t been held again.

We, however, continue Scrabbling. When both of us manage to get online, we play Literati, as we are doing now!

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  1. Hi, nice to know that you are interested in scrabble. I read the correction part. So you actually finished eighth and ninth. Thats great. I am also interested in getting into tournaments which is why I am brushing up my vocabulary using a scrabble helper. After I get good at it , maybe I can also compete.

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