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The Price of Ignorance

… is fifty rupees, if you go by Magesh’s experience.

He was in his ancestral place – Mayiladuthurai – a couple of days ago, and was at a Sify I-way checking his email. Along comes a boy, and asks the person in charge of the center for a "Yahoo Messenger CD."

"Fifty rupees, and I have only the older version," says the cafe operator. The boy is not put off, and cheerfully pays the cash and takes the CD.

If the boy was going to install and use Yahoo Messenger, he probably has an internet connection. And if he has an internet connection, he probably can download Yahoo Messenger himself…

The mind boggles!

8 thoughts to “The Price of Ignorance”

  1. Probably becos its easy to download the Messenger application’s .exe file from a CD than to download through a 56KB dial-up connection. Speaking from my experience, downloading files such as the YahooMessenger would take eons through a dial-up connection and would cost much more than Rs. 50 in electricty/internet charges. So, it probably works out cheaper to pay Rs. 50 and buy the entire thing on a CD than to download it on 56K..After all the boy might be smarter than you think..

  2. Wow! That’s just amazing! I don’t know how much 50 rupees is in US dollars, but my mind boggles at the concept of paying that sort of price for something which is freely downloadable.

    Andy has a point, though … depending on his connection, he could well have been saving a bit. However … if his connection makes time spent so expensive, then he’s going to have to be willing to really shell it out in order to get some use out of Yahoo IM!

  3. The reason could be something else because it would take only a few minutes to download the ‘Yahoo! Suite Installer’ application, a mere 400kb file, even on a slow dialup connection.

  4. It’s probably their stupid downloader+installer thingie, the download link on their site is not a installer, but just a downloader that brings down the actual installer. If you are on dialup, you can’t resume the download (and it’s around 10megs IIRC)

    Somewhere in their help pages they have a direct link for the actual installer which you can download.

    BTW what makes you sure that “Yahoo Messenger CD” isn’t code for something else ? 😉

  5. If he has an internet connection, and he wants to use Yahoo Messenger, then downloading it, while not exactly being a cakewalk, would not have been too painful.

    As for it being code for something else, let me see if an investigation can be launched 😀

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