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Flux and uncertainity certainly do not seem to aid writing! Such has been my state in the past few weeks, and a result, Blogocenticity has remained unupdated.

 I was about to write that the past few weeks were interesting, as in the ancient Chinese proverb, but it seems that it is not ancient, not Chinese and not a proverb! Be that as it may, life has definitely been interesting.

On one front, a long-developing saga took me here, there and everywhere, and just when it seemed that the dragon had been slain, it seems to have grown a new head in quite an unexpected place. It is not time yet to put away the swords – the game is still on, and has to be played till some clear resolution is reached.

On another front, several developments and false starts later, I have been offered and have accepted a position with Google in Hyderabad. I join them in mid-November, and the time till then will be spent in hectic preparations for the move.

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