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July 2003, Talacauvery

A cold and misty noon. Tiny needles of rain wetting the moss-covered rock. A slippery walk up a paved road. And then, rather suddenly, we came upon it – the source of the Kaveri, in a tiny spring beneath a small sanctum which held the River Goddess. That cold July noon found us shivering at the large pool into which the spring flowed, before making its way out to becoming one of the most important rivers in history. A thin, bespectacled priest clad in only a loincloth cheerfully told us to take a dip – we gave it a pass, sprinkling a few drops of water on our heads instead. As we sat by the pool, shivering in the cold, enveloped in wisps of cloud and mist, the almost total silence broken only by the sound of the spring and the chanting of the priest, Eternity softly stole in and joined us.

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