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Next, Michael Crichton

Just finished reading Crichton’s latest – Next.

At the end of this “novel,” there is an Author’s Note, which explains five conclusions that Crichton arrived at at the end of his research for this book. However, it is hard to believe that these conclusions were made at the end of research for this book, for the whole book seems to be a moral fable that tells tales illustrating and reinforcing each of these conclusions. This renders the book a narrative of denouements – without enough of development on either side. But Crichton, being the brilliant author that he is, manages to make the book gripping enough. For Crichton fans, this is a must read, even if it is a bit preachy. Non-fans may find it a bit condescending, but what do they know! For someone who has never read Crichton before, stay away, and read Eaters of the Dead or Jurassic Park or Disclosure first.

For those who want to dive into Next, here is the collection of links titled “Internet Sources” that appears at the end of the book. Read these, and reading the book will be that much of a richer experience!

Berlusconi’s fat becomes soap
‘Berlusconi’s fat’ moulded to art
Blonde Extinction
Blondes ‘to die out in 200 years’
Extinction of Blondes Vastly Overreported, Media Fail to Check Root of ‘Study’
Genetic Savings and Clone
Marco Evaristti, Polpette al grasso di Marco, 2006 (to fry in his own fat)
It Really Hauls Ass
Families Sue Hospital, Scientist for Control of Canavan Gene
The Cactus Project
Tissue engineering: The beat goes on
Clarification of erroneous news reports indicating WHO genetic research on hair colour

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