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Touch and Twister

The long weekend gave us the opportunity to check out two pubs we haven’t been to in Hyderabad. The first was Touch, apparently ideal for spotting Tollywood glitterati. Thursday evening found us there with a couple of friends. We liked the decor, all diaphanous white curtains and dim red lighting. The well-worn low sofas on which we prepared to lounge, in decadent-Rome style, were a tad uncomfortable, and definitely had more than their fair share of cigarette-burned holes. The music was not too intrusive, but then it was still early and patrons were very few. We quickly moved to the restaurant section when we discovered that the so-called food menu could be put to shame by Mother Hubbard’s cupboard at its barest. The choice here was slightly more, though not too wide. However, the food itself was excellent – we had a little bit each of Lebanese, Indian and Chinese – and the service was attentive. Both the food and the drinks were quite overpriced (as Dhruv later told me, you paid the price for the people you might run into there). Overall the experience left us a little disappointed, and sent us scurrying for solace in ice cream. Melting Moments, described by different people as a good place to have ice cream, turned out to be just that – a good place to have ice cream. The ice creams themselves were of indifferent taste and quality (I had something called a ‘Brazilian Love Song’ with coffee ice cream, chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and nuts – when so much chocolate fails to do it for you, you know the ice cream is not really wonderful!), but the place was nice and we had good company so we didn’t mind too much.

Friday night found us wondering what to do again and Vidya and I decided to check out the pub in our own backyard – Twister in Madhapur. Dimly lit, loud music, a fancy bartender juggling a bottle of Bacardi, comfortable seats and good food and drink priced at less than half what we had paid the previous day – the place reminded us so much of an old favourite, Chennai’s Bike and Barrel! Twister is one place I really wouldn’t mind going back to. After which we did return to an old favourite – Baskin Robbins, where we happily banished the taste of the previous day’s not-so-good ice cream from Melting Moments.

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