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Book-shopping Again!

When I was at school in Coimbatore, I was a member of what must have been one of the first really successful lending libraries in the town – Choose and Read. It used to be owned and run by a chap called Noorul Ameen, who used to smilingly tolerate the incredibly long time I used to take to browse through his collection before decided on a couple of books to borrow. He seems to have done pretty well for himself, if one is to go by the shiny new bookshop he has opened in Town Hall. I simply had to drop in, and once I did, I found my way to the back of the shop, which had piles and piles of second-hand books. It took all my resolve to not run riot, given my forty-book splurge of a couple of weeks ago. So I came away with just four books – a hardcover early edition of Alistair Maclean’s Caravan to Vaccares, a jumbo sized copy of Gambler’s Digest from the early eighties, a cookbook of spells for witches and a hardcover edition of Jerry Seinfeld’s SeinLanguage – all for the princely sum of sixty-five rupees!

Maybe I’ll just drop in again tomorrow…

2 thoughts to “Book-shopping Again!”

  1. Hey Navin, I was a regular there too. I used to go there till 2002 or so. His old shop was very close to KG were I worked. Where is this new place? I’m going to Coimbatore tomorrow, maybe I’ll look in 🙂

  2. This place is right next to the old Guru hotel in Town Hall. I think the Guru hotel is now called Lord’s Park or something equally incongruous. The bookshop has a nice bright large glowsign, so you can’t miss it!

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