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Psychedel, Coimbatore – All Mixed Up and Going Nowhere

For the first time in my life, I actually partied in Coimbatore. Rather, I tried to. After reading about a newly-opened nightspot called Psychedel, we decided to give it a try, and dropped in nice and early at around nine. There was a cover charge – this was a first for Coimbatore, and rather daring I would say. Anyway, we paid up and went inside, only to be treated to the saddest nightspot experience ever. It was seriously sad, beating even the one time we had to spend New Year’s Eve in a tiny hotel in Chidambaram, where we paid to attend a “Welcome-the-New-Year” party where the entertainment was the grandchildren of the hotel owner dancing on a stage while we were seated theatre-style, wondering what the hell was wrong with us. Coming back to Psychedel, even given that it was just the second day of operation, every single thing was wrong.

The air-conditioning was rather strong, making any place other than along the periphery unbearably cold. The lighting was, predictably, psychedelic. There seemed to be too few tables and a lot of space. All the better for dancing, we thought, till we realised there was no dance floor at all! Our fears were confirmed when we heard the DJ (imported from Mumbai, no less!) announce “No dancing, folks!” Not that his music was very good in the first place.

To add to the experience, our waiter took his own sweet time bringing us our orders, mixed them up quite a bit, and did not know what he was bringing us. To add to this, when we enquired if there were any complimentary snacks like peanuts or popcorn, he seemed first taken aback, and then amused. He forgot to bring us part of what we had ordered, and seemed to have forgotten that our table or we existed. I went looking for him and finally located him lurking somewhere near the bar, and asked for the bill. When he brought it, it was totally messed up, and showed about two hundred rupees more than what we had spent. We had to talk to the maitre d’ to get it fixed, which he did rather quickly. As quickly as we could, we paid and got out, fleeing to the familiar haunt that is The Village, where we stuffed our faces with a variety of dosas, and rounded it off with ice beedas from Nitin’s favourite paan vendor.

Psychedel is located in the Annapoorna annexe, and I guess it is owned by the same group that runs the Gowrishankar chain of restaurants. If Psychedel is to live up to its claim of providing an alternative to the Bike and Barrel, it does not have to merely pull up its socks – it has to go shopping for a whole new pair of socks.

7 thoughts to “Psychedel, Coimbatore – All Mixed Up and Going Nowhere”

  1. It was really good place to study….? wat?
    Dai, coimbatore la pub? tis is 2 much. all muniamma’s and karuppu swamy’s r there. how can u except cbe as mtp city………

  2. LOL.. I was in coimbatore last weekend, and am gonna be there during the weekends for another couple of weeks. so thought it might be useful to know where to go, and was googling for nightclubs in coimbatore.. landed at your page.. and am just feeling all the more sad now :-S

  3. Actually, Coimbatore has no night life. Only thing left is House of Lords & Bikes N Barrels at The Residency Hotel. Forget about discotheques, pubs & clubs with dancefloors, props and lightings and blasting music over here. What to do!

  4. im stayin in cbe 4 d past 2 yrs ….n dis place sucks………..dis place sleeps at 9pm…….lousiest plc on earth…!!!ive neva bin 2 psychedal bt i tot of going dis weekend…but i ges its a rong idea…
    damn dis plc!!!!

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