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Another inane post

Posted by mobile phone:
So here I am, writng a post while standing in line at the bank – just because I can! The only glitch with this is I am unable to specify categories for the post, and have to do it when I get to a computer.

I can hear someone complaining about a broken note-counting machine. Someone else is reading out fax numbers. A dot matrix printer is screaming away furiously somewhere else.

Aah it’s my turn and I have to go now.

One thought to “Another inane post”

  1. Hey Navin, good to find another windows mobile admirer :).
    Anyways, just wanted to let you know that there used to be a hack for category thing in wordpress __if__ you are using e-mail for blogging. Just try if it still works.
    Add a “[n]” in your subject of the e-mail without the quotes and replace n by the number of the category and that category will be used by wordpress for ur post.

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