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Crash and burn…

Posted by mobile phone:
Finally, after a very long time, I have a few minutes to myself. How ironic that I should spend it doing something so public.

Many things have happened since I last found the time to write. I am unable to say whether I am happy that my life is so full I’m unable to pay attention to my online life, or if I’m saddened by my inability to record the happenings. That sentence totally sucks, but I’m in no mood to do anything about it.

The thing with so much flux is that it keep things exciting, but it also plays havoc with relationships. You suddenly find yourself a long way away from that last meaningful interaction with those who really matter. This part of life is the bit that makes you stop and wonder if it is all worth it. It is also this that really fatigues you – the emotional component of a constantly changing life.

A lot of people talk about balance. From where I am right now, it seems to be a hopeless dream. Any attempt at balance dilutes everything, leaves everyone unsatisfied, and me feeling frustrated.

One of these days, I will crash and burn. Maybe the balance thing will start making sense then.

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