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After our Hampi trip, where we gorged on pancakes whenever the whim took us, Vidya has been hankering for them. We bought the flour a couple of weeks ago, and things have been so crazy we didn’t have the time to make them.

Tonight, Vidya wanted to have them for dinner, and I rose to the challenge. Fortuitously, just about a week ago, we’d watched the amazing Nigella Lawson cook up a delicious batch of pancakes for her children. To her homemade pancake flour, she had added milk, eggs and a large dollop of melted butter to whisk up a batter. Not being Nigella, and not really fancying a huge helping of butter for dinner, I made do with just store-bought pancake flour, milk and a couple of eggs. I whipped them into a smooth batter, heated up my favourite non-stick tava and we were off.

I am rather fond of the non-stick tava – a French hi-tech thing that is very kind to me when i botch stuff up. With it, I am the master of dosas, chapathis and anything else that can be made on a tava. The first two pancakes where a bit of a mess – I misjudged the heat and really browned them. I turned down the heat, and they started coming out all golden brown and delicious. I chopped up a couple of bananas and some strawberries, and these, along with the pancake syrup we’d got in the box made good accompaniments.

I have Vidya’s word that the dinner was delicious!

And yes, I got pictures – here they are:

One thought to “Pancakes!”

  1. Those pancakes look pretty darn fantastic..

    Nigella would be proud of you. Heck, I’m proud you!!

    I know we’re all battling the bulge, but try pancakes with melted butter and honey. 😀

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