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TV Ads: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Part 2

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More cricket, more ads, more reviews!

HDFC Standard Life Insurance children’s plan has an ad that defies logic, at least to me. A dad claims that he has been saving for his teenage daughter’s education ever since she was a little girl. However, the ad has a contemporary setting, which makes me wonder how the dad used the product being advertised, which is but a few years old. A lot of sentimental sugar, but not too much logic, I think.

Bajaj XCD 125 has an ad where the voiceover says you’ll cry if you’ve bought any other 100cc bike for 40,000 rupees because of all the great features this bike has. Good point. But what about people like me, who bought another Bajaj bike? The ad is actually quite okay, with the features and benefits clearly communicated.

The Pepsi Youngistan ad, for some reason, tickles my fancy! It’s quirky, and contrary to some opinions, shows the youngster as creative and quick-witted. I like it.

How difficult it must be to make an ad for electrical wire interesting. Yet, that is precisely what has been achieved in the Havells cables ad with the little boy fashioning a pair of tongs for his mother out of the fireproof wire. The music, the visuals, the voiceover and the casting are perfect. One of the best ads on TV today.

Standard Electricals has an ad where an electrician cuts a cocky home owner down to size. Reminds me of the joke where plumber tells a lady who keeps telling him what to do that she shouldn’t have got a dog if she wants to do all the barking. While it is funny, the ad doesn’t really tell you anything about the product itself.

Coca Cola’s “jashn mana le” is fun, showing us what we all know – that Coke is a good accompaniment for all the Indian food we know and love. But as a Coke ad, it is usual and doesn’t stand out.

Where have all the men gone, ask the women in the SX4 ad. And then an SX4 drives up, and they go, “now there’s a man.” somehow, this ad reminds me of a Mad TV sketch, and I keep waiting for a woman to step out of the car!

The Happydent White ad featuring the Kingdom of Light is back. This is one of the most creative and well-executed ads on Indian television, and is one of my personal favorites.

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4 thoughts to “TV Ads: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Part 2”

  1. one ad that i’ve liked recently is the kinetic flyte ad with bipasha … she is looking very good in the ad – smart & confident.
    & the scooter is great too

  2. The happydent ad has been widely praised for its creativity. But has anyone noticed that the ad puts indians down…for after all, the ad seems to convey that in India u can easily get manpower unlimited to actually take the place of light bulbs!! What crap…..the participants are shown as poverty stricken people actually enthusiastic to take on a job like this for money. Would such a crappy ad have made it in the developed world??The answer to that itself would indicate the merit of this ad.

  3. Happy dent ad is one of my favourites too! Motorola ad where in the Dad keeps scolding(though this was similar to the old ad of Mt.Everest Sambhar Masala where in Mandira Bedi cooks using the Masala wearing ear phones when her mom-in-law keeps explaining how to do it).
    I think u missed out one another good ad which came up – the Virgin Mobile ad – where the guy gets caught by traffic constable

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