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Rain makes me write!

It’s drizzling. It’ll probably be over in a few minutes. Nevertheless, it’s an event that triggers me to say something.

As long as I was in Chennai, there was always the possibility of rain. The skies would open up at the most unexpected moments, transforming a dry dusty day into a delicious-smelling, if somewhat muggy,time for hot coffee, boiled peanuts and long conversations with strangers. Summers were rendered more bearable by this promise – that at any time, no matter how hot or dry it was, rain was just a god’s whim away. This is perhaps the one single thing I miss the most in Hyderabad. Outside the monsoon, it does not rain. Period.

Today’s drizzle, which is already nothing but a madman’s memory, is one of those tiny delightful things that make it all somehow worth it.

Max Ehrman’s Desiderata seems to put it very well:
With all its sham, drudgery, and broken dreams,
it is still a beautiful world.

3 thoughts to “Rain makes me write!”

  1. The combination of plain old laziness and the ready excuse of a lack of mindspace is quite deadly to my attempt at blogging – you won’t believe the number of half-written posts languishing in my head, my mobile, and on the blog itself!

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