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Airtel iPhone – Absurdly Overpriced

Finally, after months of teasing, the price of the Airtel iPhone was revealed. Any hopes I had of buying one were dashed when I got an SMS earlier today with the absurdly high prices of Rs. 31000 (~USD715) for the 8GB version and Rs. 36100 (~USD833) for the 16GB version. Another SMS told me I could book the phone by paying Rs. 5000 at an Airtel retail showroom. A third SMS told me I would then get an appointment to pick up an iPhone after I paid the full price.

Even if the price was split into two parts – an upfront payment and a monthly payment of say, Rs. 500 (apart from plan charges) for the next 24 months, that still means I will have to pay Rs. 19000 to get the phone. This of course is idle speculation, and will be proved wrong by the full details which will be announced in a few hours.

Pricing it higher than any other phone in the market (practically) seems to be a deliberate ploy to keep the demand within handleable limits. So, like all other Apple products, I will give this too the go by, as it is way beyond anything I’m willing to spend on a phone right now.

To put the cost in perspective, the splendid computer I’m using right now to write this post – I paid Rs.23000 for a couple of months ago, and for the bike I have, I paid about Rs. 28000 a year ago! If I had that kind of money to spare, Vidya and I would go and watch the F1 race in Singapore, or make that trip to the Himalayas we’ve been putting off for so long. If I had that kind of money to blow on electronics, I’d buy myself a D40 and some decent accessories.

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