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Dilemma, solved

I am suddenly faced with a dilemma. I’ve written a lot of stuff and it is located at different places on the Internet. Whatever is offline now lives here, on Blogocentricity. For the past few days, I’ve been wondering if I should “bring everything home.” I would, of course, leave the originals where they are and credit them as the original sources. So, what’s the dilemma, you ask?

Two things really – one from my point of view, and another from the original publisher’s point of view. From my point of view, it’s rather simple – will it be worth the time and effort I put into it, and where in Blogocentricity will I slot them in? The time and effort bit can easily be answered by the fact that most of these are really old writings and republishing them might just give them a new lease of life. Where to slot them is really an operational question, and I would do well to treat everything as fresh content.

From the original publisher’s point of view, again, what I do will be merely giving their content more exposure. I am, however, worried about how they will react – will they send me a notice to take it down, or will they ignore it? Most probably, they wouldn’t even notice.

As always, writing it down seems to have solved it for me – I am going to bring them home, and I will start with my favorite, a short story I wrote under a pseudonym back in 2002.

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