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A Fake Obituary


This is fiction.

Mayor of Hyderabad and bestselling author Natasha Kapour, died 12 March 2091. She is survived by six children and sixteen grandchildren.

Natasha Kapour was considered one of India’s leading authorities on celebrity ghosts.  She was also known for the development and introduction in the mid-2060s of the globally successful Ghost Development Initiative.  Her eighteen-volume opus, “Ghosts of the World – A Concordance,” is considered the ultimate reference for Ghost-lovers everywhere. However, she is best known for her series of sixteen romantic thriller novels featuring the ghostly detectives Bhootnath and Bhootashri.

She was a 2005 graduate of St. Francis, majoring in Journalism. After a brief stint at a technology company, she went on to receive her doctorate in 2012. She was hired by the State Department of Ghosts and Spirits in what eventually came to be a unit of Nizam College.  She was tenured in 2017 and became a full professor in 2019.

She retired in 2050, and for a time she and her family made her home at Sanibel, Florida. But her love for politics in India — especially the Mayorship of Hyderbad, lured them back to a home in Hyderguda.

Every year Natasha traveled around the world to popularise ghosts and make them socially acceptable. She was a perennial judge at Ghost fashion shows around the world.

During the early 2040s, she served as chair of the Ghosts and Spirits department at Nizam College, but her first love was always Ghosts.  In a colloquium held in her honor at the time of retirement, she said, “The best thing about teaching my subject was the students didn’t have to ask if we could have a class night out. I was the first one out the door and into the graveyard.”

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