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Of Facebook and free time

The question everyone asks me when they see me nowadays is, “So, what are you up to?”

It looks like all I do now is run into people I haven’t had a decent chat with in a long time. Even at work, where it is so easy to grab breakfast or lunch with anyone. Of course, the first casualty of a full schedule is my blog, and I have been really ignoring it.

In the midst of the sweeping change that brought about this state of affairs, I recreated my Facebook profile, and found that the mobile version is easy to access and update. I’ve been a bit of a maniac in updating it – which is really weird since I’ve not been updating anything regularly these days. I guess it’s because all it takes is a couple of minutes to post a status update with what I’m up to. So you find inane updates like me stuck in a traffic jam and me waiting for my food to go. But then you also get interesting bits like what I think of the movie I’m watching.

I think I’ve rambled enough about me and Facebook. Check out my profile on Facebook, and leave a comment 😛

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