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Pumpkins, Madhapur – Hampi in Hyderabad

Sunday night, Vidya and I had dinner at Pumpkins in Madhapur.

While the food was very basic, it was the atmosphere that really tickled me. The way Pumpkins is done up is very reminiscent of the restaurants at Hampi. A spiral staircase leads to an elevated platform furnished with a few tables, a long buffet table, and a cash counter.

It was a prix-fixee vegetarian menu – Rs.70 for all you can eat. The spread was basic – phulkas and parathas, a dal, a couple of vegetarian side dishes, a vegetable pulao, steamed rice, raitha, pickle and a dessert.

The food was not spectacular – it was not bad, but it was nothing to write home about. However, the whole experience was pretty good. The crowd at Pumpkins seemed predominantly BPO and IT, giving it a college canteen atmosphere. This, ┬ácombined with the rather eclectic decor, gives it a strange energy which gets to you.

Vidya and I sat at a table near the edge of the platform, near a cage holding two birds that were fast asleep. We could see a bird’s nest in a nearby tree. A large group of friends was gathering noisily, dragging together unused tables and chairs to make their own table. A girl sat alone, reading a book, which Vidya figured out was a Noam Chomsky. ┬áThe atmosphere was set. We sat and ate and talked for a bit. We were well-fed and relaxed when we left.

When I recounted our experience to Cyrus, he said a better alternative was to sit downstairs, which was a coffee chop named ‘Since’, which had hookahs and momos. Apparently one can also get Chinese food from the shop next door. I’ve made a note to myself to try out Since the next time.

Pumpkins is a good destination if you are a group that doesn’t mind slumming it, and want to have a longish dinner without spending too much.

Vital Statistics:

Pumpkins in situated in the lane next to the Vodafone showroom in Madhapur.

2 thoughts to “Pumpkins, Madhapur – Hampi in Hyderabad”

  1. Hi,

    I am very much interested to go the Pumpkin Restaurant. can you send me the phone no. of the pumpkin restaurant.

    Thanking you,

  2. We were to dine there this saturday too atleast that was the plan…I agree that the ambience is good but only till the time u see how they transport the food. Gosh if only u saw that dingy truck and the utensils in which the food was brought in you would never even think of having food there.I am sorry but from the food quality it just looks like nothng more than corner “thelawala”…. may be sticking to the coffe dowsstairs is good idea.

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