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India: Top 5 Touch Devices

I wrote a list of my top 5 touch devices for a piece called Titans of Touch in the latest issue of BusinessWorld and they edited it a bit to fit their layout demands. Here’s the version I wrote:

And so it is – I find myself with an unlimited budget, and five of my favourite touchscreen devices on the shopping list. I find myself hard put to make a choice – what will I get two of? But then, sanity prevails, and I promise myself I will get only one of each device. And so, without any further ado, here’s the list of five touchscreen devices I will rush out and buy the moment I get the cash!

A touchscreen media player is on the top of my list. After shopping around, my favourite is the 16GB version of the Cowon iAudio D2. This 2.5-inch touchscreen driven beauty packs an amazing featureset into its compact 3.1 x 2.2 inches. It plays all the common audio and video formats, and includes a voice recorder and FM tuner. It can also double as a clock on my travels with its alarm function. An SD/SDHC slot allows for expansion of the already large 16 GB built-in memory. All this comes for a price tag of around Rs. 12,500. A good deal, if you consider the number of devices this can replace!

Business World
Business World

My next buy would be a replacement for my current phone. Without doubt, my object of adoration is the HTC Touch HD 8282, a quad-band phone with an amazingly large 640×480 display. The Windows Mobile 6.1 operating system offers almost infinite possibilities with a plethora of applications. A 5 MP camera completes the high-end offering. The large screen and incredibly fast (upto 7.2 Mbps) data transfer speeds allow decent document handling and transfer, making the Touch HD work as hard as it can play. This pretty bundle does cost a pretty bundle, coming in at just under Rs. 40,000.

One device I’ve had my eye on for a while now is a GPS device for my car. I am a terrible navigator, and my car is a mess of maps. The main constraint so far has been a lack of enough maps of Indian cities. Enter the Holux GPSmile 62 with All India maps and detailed maps of 407 Indian cities. This feature alone seems to sell it, and it strikes you that with its 5-inch touchscreen display and ultra-slim form factor, it is a serious contender for the title of coolest gadget you can own. It also comes with lifetime free map updates. This little temptation checks in at just under Rs. 20,000.

No gadgeteer can resist a good compact digital camera. Combine a Carl Zeiss lens set-up with a responsive touchscreen and you have a surefire winner. This is what the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T90 does, and it is one of the best touchscreen compact digital cameras in the market. The package includes a 12.1 megapixel sensor and 4x optical zoom bundled with Sony’s proprietary Face Detection technology and Smile Shutter mode. The winning touch is added by the 3-inch touchscreen, which also allows you to use the camera as a portable photo album. At 15 mm, this is also one of the slimmest offerings in the market. This is a digital must-have that I can easily slip into my pocket and have with me wherever I go, and will cost me a mere Rs. 16,250.

Every time I’m watching something on the TV, I am fumbling with multiple remotes – the TV, the set-top box, the DVD player, my home theater. A universal remote always seemed the way out, but the clunky offerings in the market with a zillion buttons on them put me off. And then I saw the Kameleon 5, and I knew I must have it. It is a sleek aluminium-bodied remote with a long touchscreen on one side. It can be programmed to control up to five devices at once, and only the active device controls are highlighted. This is also futureproof, as it can easily be updated over the Internet. The Kameleon 5, which will take care of all your remote control woes for the rest of your life, is a steal at Rs. 4,995.

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