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Trance Lounge – Indian Food Rocks

We had dinner at Trance Lounge in Jubilee Hills last night. When we read the Description of the place as the former residence of the Telugu superstar Chiranjeevi, our curiosity was piqued and we just had to go.

The place is easily located – coming from Hitec City, turn right at Jubilee Hills checkpost and take the second u-turn. Drive on for about fifty metres and you’ll see a brightly-lit sign indicating the left turn you have to take for the restaurant.

Trance Lounge consists of three parts – the open-air lounge called Alfresco (I kid you not!), an indoor, sit-down restaurant called Jazz, and a tiny Deli 9 counter. We asked the waiter what the difference between outside and inside was, and he told us outside was smoking. We looked around, did not see too many smokers around, and decided on the outside as the weather was pleasant. The seating was lounge-like – small booths separated by two-foot high walls and furnished with cushions and bolsters. We lounged on cushions on the ground and ordered out of the menu that was handed to us by a smart waiter.

The menu, while not extensive, did have a good spread with enough options for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. I ordered fish fingers, kheema mutter and an aloo paratha while Vidya asked for a corn peas salad, an egg and mustard sandwich and a strawberry mocktail. The kheema mutter was simply delicious – I would go back just for that – and the aloo paratha was pretty decent. The fish fingers did not rock, but the kheema has made me very forgiving! I followed up the aloo paratha with a chatpat naan, and it too did not disappoint. Vidya’s evening was very different – she did not like the seasoning in the salad, the mayo in the sandwich was a bit off, and the mocktail was too sweet. So she asked for an aloo paratha and a vegetable jalfrezi, both of which she enjoyed thoroughly. The verdict for the evening was that the kitchen excelled in Indian food, but was less than adequate with anything else.

The prices were very reasonable – all that stuff we ate set us back by less than Rs. 750 – on par for the evening’s experience I would say.

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