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45 Jubilee Hills – Good food, slow service

45 Jubilee Hills
45 Jubilee Hills

We went to 45 Jubilee Hills for dinner a couple of weeks ago. Let me rephrase that – my entire team from work – about 30 people – went for dinner to 45 Jubilee hills about a couple of weeks ago. The experience was quite enjoyable, but only because the presence of so many of us together helped us while away the time playing Chinese Whispers while waiting for the food, while waiting for the water,¬†while waiting for the dessert, while waiting for the bill… you get the idea!

We arrived at the restaurant around 8 pm, having informed them a day in advance of our plans, and were seated in a private area – al fresco, on a half-finished balcony separated from the rest of the restaurant (and air conditioning) by a glass door. The fit was a bit tight, but was not uncomfortable, and we all placed our orders – they’d told us there was no buffet for dinner. And then the games started while we waited for the food. Quite a few had ended by the time we got our first orders.

The food, when it finally arrived, was quite tasty. I had a lamb shanks sizzler – which cost a mere Rs. 275 – and it was quite decent. It came on a bed of rice with generous portions of mashed potato and assorted baked veggies. The menu was quite extensive, with a lot of options for vegetarians and non vegetarians. True to the restaurant’s multi-cuisine claim, the food included Indian, Chinese and Continental. The menu was a thick A4 sized book, which reminded me of the fancy fold-out fairy tales books we used to read as children. And the prices were all spelt out – no numbers to shock here!

For dessert, I had what was listed as an Irish fruit trifle, though I really couldn’t see what was Irish about it – not a bit of wine or whiskey in it! It was fresh and light, and made a perfect ending for the meal.

Irish Fruit Trifle
Irish Fruit Trifle

And then we waited again, for a really long time, to get the bill. It arrived a full 45 minutes after we asked for it.

Now, I am very aware that we were a large group, and were placing many orders simultaneously, but the delay in service was simply too much. We had two dedicated Captains in blazers in the place all the time, and they were coordinating the whole thing. Yet, simple orders like even a glass of water were inordinately delayed. Poor Moaiz, who arrived about 30 minutes after us did not even get to eat his food – by the time it arrived, everyone had finished and we were halfway through our wait for the bill. He had to ask them to pack it and take it home with him!

The prices were really reasonable for the quality of food we were served, and the portions were quite ample. I would go back there, but only if I’m not ravenously hungry and could stand the long wait for the food!

5 thoughts to “45 Jubilee Hills – Good food, slow service”

  1. Very good food. A delight for non veg crowd.And these people have a buffet in 1st floor which is very economical and value for money

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