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StripGenerator – Make Your First Webcomic

For all you lazy webcomic people out there, here is a blessing. All you need is an idea (or even half of one), and you’re all set. StripGenerator offers you a platform to create your own webcomic easily. The workspace is easy to figure out, and offers a whole bunch of humans, creatures and objects you can use to make your own comic. StripGenerator works best if you want to create a one-off comic, or are satisfied with a basic set of figures. There is also the option of creating and saving your own character. StripGenerator is a quick, easy and fun way to make your own webcomic. Once you’ve made your own comic, you can also have your own strip blog (here’s mine), which allows you to include a write-up with the strip.

Here’s something I did with StripGenerator:

One Day in the Elevator
One Day in the Elevator

4 thoughts to “StripGenerator – Make Your First Webcomic”

  1. Hi there

    thanks for the kind words. Stripgenerator is indeed a lot of fun even for us, creators, programming and maintaining it in our free time. New version is coming out very soon, so, if you can, ping us in a few weeks 🙂


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