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Help Me Win!

Think I'm a Geek? Vote for Me!
Think I'm a Geek? Vote for Me!

I just entered the Geek Enuf contest run by Tata Docomo. The aim of the contest is to get your friends to vote for you if they think you are a geek. So, if you think I’m a geek, go ahead and vote for me!

Up for grabs is an Android-powered Samsung Galaxy I7500. It’s the slimmest Android phone yet, has an AMOLED screen, and a five megapixel camera. Now, who wouldn’t want to posses this beauty!

How to vote you ask? Well, for that you need to be on Orkut, Facebook or Twitter – it’s better if you’re on all three, as you can vote for me on all three networks.

On Orkut, add the ‘A Geek Thing‘ application. Once it’s added, click on the Vote tab to find me and vote for me.

On Facebook, visit  and add the A Geek Thing application to your account. Once you’ve added the app, visit the Vote page where you can vote for me. Of course, the more you vote for me, the more chance I have of winning.

On Twitter, all you need to do is tweet
@tatadocomo @navin #isageek once a day.

Happy Voting!

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