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Morning at the Lotus Pond

An early morning walk around the Lotus Pond – Ajith and I have been planning this for a while, and managed to make it happen today.

The Lotus Pond

We set out early (by my standards that is!) and reached the Lotus Pond around seven. There were a few cars parked outside, and there seemed to be quite a few people walking around. However, the birds were pretty much minding their own business, and didn’t seemed to mind us stopping and staring at them, and clicking away with our cameras.

A Purple Moorhen running on the leaves on the Lotus Pond

The atmosphere in the pond and the surrounding park was serene, and the morning sunshine was golden. On the water we saw a grey heron standing on a rock, Zen-master-like. All around it, coots and moorhens squabbled over who got to walk on which part of the water. A purple moorhen suddenly took umbrage and ran, screaming, across the lotus leaves that covered the water around the edges. All this action happened within the first couple of minutes of us entering the park.

A spotbill in the air

We took a leisurely walk around the pond. A couple of spotbills kept us entertained for the most part – swimming around, taking off and landing again and again and squabbling with the coots. Apart from the water birds, we also saw quite a few land birds in the trees bordering the pond. Two brightly-coloured coppersmiths were the highlight among the land birds. The usual gang of sunbirds, warblers, bulbuls and drongos were all around the pond.

Ajith with his 170-500

Ajith was well-equipped for the birds – he had his Canon EOS 7D with a Sigma 170 – 500. I was just fooling around with my D3000 and the 18-55 kit lens.

Here’s a list of the birds we saw today:

    Large Cormorant
    Grey heron
    Indian Moorhen
    Purple Moorhen
    Bronzewinged Jacana
    Redwattled Lapwing
    Small Blue Kingfisher
    Redvented Bulbul
    Ashy wren-warbler
    Common Kite

And this is where the Lotus Pond is:

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