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17 Degrees North

Had dinner at 17 Degrees North, a relative new-comer promising global cuisine. We’d just finished picking up groceries at Ratnadeep and were hungry, and 17 Degrees North beckoned from above. Located in the same building as Ratnadeep in Hitech city, 17 Degrees is ideally sited if you live, like us, on this side of town.

The night was hot, and we felt at home as we entered the pleasantly air-conditioned, dimly-lit space. It was cozy, not too full, not too empty, and the decor was interestingly kitschy without being plasticky. We were promptly attended to and seated at a place we chose. As we sipped the chilled drinking water, the heat and dust of the day receded to make way for a calm dinner.

17 Degrees North

The menu was extensive – Indian, Continental and Chinese fare at prices that were not too threatening – starters and main courses all between Rs. 140 and Rs. 250. I was feeling Chinesey and ordered a Chilli Garlic Chicken Noodles, while Vidya was feeling adventurous and ordered Chowka Pudina Mutter with steamed rice. We chatted away while we waited for the food to arrive – several more glasses of chilled water rehydrated us in the meantime.

The food arrived in about ten minutes. The Chilli Garlic Chicken Noodles was very well made – the flavours were well blended and the strong tastes of chilli and garlic complemented each other very well. The chicken was tender and completed the dish. The Chowka Pudina Mutter was a minty surprise – the combination of mint and green peas was very good, though very unusual. The spicing too was very unorthodox, but the overall effect was very satisfactory, if a bit on the spicier side. It combined very well with the steamed rice. We set to with gusto and before we knew it, were getting seconds.

Vidya had spotted fried ice cream on the menu, and we had decided to get it for dessert, forgoing even the so in-season Mango cheesecake. When it arrived, it was a bit of a disappointment – we’d expected small bite-sized pieces of fried ice cream. Instead, we got a single large, golf-ball-sized fried ice cream. While it was tasty, it did lack the explosive effect of its smaller cousins.

Throughout the meal, the staff was very attentive and responsive. They knew their jobs and did them well and unobtrusively.

Overall, we had a nice meal that left us relaxed and sated at the end of a long hot working day. Both the food and the service were good. We are definitely going back!

Vital Stats:
17 Degrees North,
Opposite NIFT, Above Ratnadeep,
Hitech City.
Tel.: 40150011 / 40150022 / 8008888110

Open from 11 A.M. to 11 P.M.

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  1. Nice man… Haven’t heard of this place when I was there… You should check out the variety here in Madras too… Surprisingly, the quality in many places has improved thanks to plenty of new restaurants opening up on the fringes of town… We’ll check them out when you come in June.

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