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A Cup of Coffee!

Last week, Vidya and I discovered a coffee shop in Secunderabad. What’s so great about that, you might ask. Prepare for a longish tale. Get a cup of coffee if you want!

We both love a cup of filter coffee to start off the day. When we first set up house in Chennai, we went through a phase of experimentation with different types of coffee until we settled on our own blend – Peaberry and Plantation A, half and half, without any chicory. This is a pure coffee, as opposed to traditional filter coffee, which has a significant amount of chicory added to it. Chicory gives a bitter edge to the taste, which we don’t like. Our blend has a full-bodied taste and a heady aroma, though it is quite lacking in colour.

Getting freshly-ground coffee powder to our specifications was fairly easy in Chennai – shops that sold custom-ground coffee blends were fairly easy to come by. After a couple of years, we settled on a T-Nagar coffee grinder who used to deliver to our home, and we stuck with him.

After we moved to Hyderabad, we had to find a coffee grinder, and it took us a quite a bit of time to find Iyer Coffee Works on Dharam Karam Road in Ameerpet. This is run by a Tamil family who live in an apartment on top of an old tumbledown shop that sells coffee and an assortment of savouries from Tamilnadu. They also serve steaming hot cups of filter coffee. The only problem with this shop is that their working hours are pretty unpredictable – we have gone there many times only to find the shop locked. Add to that the fact that Ameerpet is not on our regular routes, and takes a dedicated trip.

For the past few months, Dhruv has been getting us coffee – there’s a coffee grinder right under his home and I used to meet him at work everyday. Now that he has moved away, we had to find a new coffee shop.

Krishna Coffee Works

And that is what we did last week. We’d just bought some photography stuff from Chimalgi and were leaving the shp when Vidya’s keen nose picked up the scent of freshly-ground coffee. We looked around and sure enough, two shops away was Krishna Coffee Works. This was a typical coffee grinder’s shop. It had large glass bins out front with coffee beans in them, with a grinding machine in the back. A man sat in front, writing accounts in a notebook. On the wall was a picture of the cowherd-god Krishna playing his flute. A garlanded photograph of somebody completed the wall decor.

The best part of Krishna Coffee Works is that they deliver, though not all the way where we live. I am hoping they will be able to deliver to someone from work who lives within their delivery area so that our supply of coffee powder will remain uninterrupted!

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