Goa – Unseen Colors

Say Goa and all you think of are beaches, long scooter rides on palm-fringed roads to shacks selling delicious seafood and of course, the obligatory visit to Britto’s or Joet’s or whatever your favorite Goa restaurant is.

We’ve also done Goa in the monsoon. The rain is a nuisance, but if you find the right place to stay in – we stayed in a lovely little heritage place surrounded by rice paddies! – you can have a very calm and restful holiday.

During one of our many visits to Goa, we went walking among the streets of Fontainhas in Panjim, and discovered some colorful parts of town that sent me crazy with my camera. I was reminded of how people painted their houses in all colors of the rainbow in Manarola in Cinque Terre, and these streets were no different. The colorful houses stood bright and pretty against a lush green tropical rainforest setting. The architecture had nods to Goa’s colonial heritage, and every little nook was bursting with some surprise or the other.

There were houses and businesses, and houses that were businesses. Most were functional, some were defunct. Some were shiny and new, some others were dilapidated – and it always did not matter if they were being used or not. Sometimes it was an entire group of buildings that made an image work, sometimes it was an individual element of a single building – the frames were just making themselves that day. It also helped that a drizzle had left the whole place drenched, making the while undertaking somehow more pleasant, if a bit stickier and more humid.

By the time I was done with the walk, I was elated – I knew I had a set of pictures that were keepers, and that is one half day I will cherish forever!


  1. i absolutely loved Fontainhas. i go to goa multiple times a year and still had no idea how beautiful it would be to live here. we also discovered some quaint art galleries and portuguese restaurants here. Goa never ceases to surprise.

  2. Hi navin i really loved ur post abt this color ful goa and it seems truly Portuguese Goa which had colorful walls exterior, and yes to me goa is all time favorite be it a rainy season or summer

  3. Really beautiful colours and I totally understand going crazy with your camera. There is a strong Portuguese influence, and the melding of the 2 cultures, both of which are very colourful, make it a most interesting place to visit. Lovely photos.

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