A Hell of a Tale

A chance misreading of a letter sets in motion a long rambling account of what happens in my mind when faced with an unexplainable phenomenon. Also a bit of fun about living in the age of STD booths and inland letter cards.

In Pics: Five Birds of the Western Ghats

Here are pictures of five birds of the Western Ghats. While the pictures themselves are no great shakes, the birds in them are what makes birdwatching in Southern India so rewarding. Each of these birds is a delight to watch once you have spotted them.

How I got my Cabooter Jolly On!

Photo by Vicky Deshmukh on Pexels.com

Under attack by villainous winged vermin, and thwarted at every turn, I have to dig deep into my fighting reserves to face the flying scum that desecrate all that we hold dear. Do I rise to the occasion? Or to the birds have the last cackle? Find out this and more in this thrilling post!

Diary of a Pilgrimage, by Jerome K. Jerome – Chapter 3

A weekly serialization of the book, Diary of a Pilgrimage, by Jerome K Jerome, illustrated by G G Fraser, published in 1891 in New York by Henry Holt and Company Chapter 3 – Friday, 23rd Early Rising.—Ballast should be Stowed Away in the Hold before Putting to Sea.—Annoying Interference of Providence in Matters that it… Continue reading Diary of a Pilgrimage, by Jerome K. Jerome – Chapter 3

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