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Why the tsunami occurred!

The tsunami, like any other newsworthy event, has spawned a set of legends and myths. Among these, the most widely circulated now are those that account for the causes of the tsunami. Almost immediately after the news of the tsunami came the first “cause.” Divine retribution, said the godly, for the arrest and subsequent “humiliation” of Jayendra Saraswathi.

Then came a lot of discussion on the underwater quake that had actually caused the tsunami. Learned and unlearned heatedly discussed plate tectonics and geological stress. Streetside seismologists gravely predicted that “all was not over,” and that we could expect a series of such tsunamis in future. read more

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Haast’s Eagles, Lammergeyers and Painting the Weather

I was reading of this great big prehistoric eagle that used to hunt the giant moas on New Zealand – Haast’s eagle, when I was reminded of how fascinated Sriram was when we first read about the lammergeyer. We both have been fascinated by large birds of prey, and it was only natural that I should look up the Australian wedge-tailed eagle and the harpy eagle. While I was at it, I also stumbled upon the Philippine monkey eating eagle! Of course, I am writing Sriram about this!

The BBC weather website gives an interesting twist to met-watching. “Painting the Weather” is “a major art show, only online.” Only thing is, it sucks up major time. read more

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Snow in the UAE and Tsunami Myths

It snowed in the UAE – I laughed when Kingsly told me but its true. More here and here.

The NY Times had an interesting article on what happened in the blogosphere subsequent to the tsunami.

Everyone all over the place, regardless of race religion or social status, has added one more word to their vocabularies: tsunami. Deepu was lamenting this, saying in his characteristic way that he was “sick of hearing the word.” Tsunami used to be a word which was familiar only to quiz buffs and NGC / Discovery addicts. read more

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