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Getting an Awesome Profile Picture

Profile pics

I’ve been preparing to photograph a few people for their social networking profile pictures. While I was doing my research, which involved looking at a LOT of profile pictures, I realized there are clear dos and don’ts that when followed, almost inevitably result in great profile pictures.

Here are the most important rules to follow if you want an awesome profile picture!

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Of Facebook and free time

The question everyone asks me when they see me nowadays is, “So, what are you up to?”

It looks like all I do now is run into people I haven’t had a decent chat with in a long time. Even at work, where it is so easy to grab breakfast or lunch with anyone. Of course, the first casualty of a full schedule is my blog, and I have been really ignoring it.

In the midst of the sweeping change that brought about this state of affairs, I recreated my Facebook profile, and found that the mobile version is easy to access and update. I’ve been a bit of a maniac in updating it – which is really weird since I’ve not been updating anything regularly these days. I guess it’s because all it takes is a couple of minutes to post a status update with what I’m up to. So you find inane updates like me stuck in a traffic jam and me waiting for my food to go. But then you also get interesting bits like what I think of the movie I’m watching. read more

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Dilemma, solved

I am suddenly faced with a dilemma. I’ve written a lot of stuff and it is located at different places on the Internet. Whatever is offline now lives here, on Blogocentricity. For the past few days, I’ve been wondering if I should “bring everything home.” I would, of course, leave the originals where they are and credit them as the original sources. So, what’s the dilemma, you ask?

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Trying out moblog

I’m writing this on my phone, using moblog. Everything so far has been good – the download was smooth and the installation was glitch-free. I was able to add my profile and blog without any hassle. Now is the big test – how easy is it to post?

Since the whole thing runs offline on my phone, actually writing the post is pretty straightforward and doesn’t depend on the gprs. Basic formatting options – bold, italics and underline – as well as image insertion is available from the right menu while the left menu provides a few post options. read more

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Another inane post

Posted by mobile phone:
So here I am, writng a post while standing in line at the bank – just because I can! The only glitch with this is I am unable to specify categories for the post, and have to do it when I get to a computer.

I can hear someone complaining about a broken note-counting machine. Someone else is reading out fax numbers. A dot matrix printer is screaming away furiously somewhere else.

Aah it’s my turn and I have to go now.

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Blogging from my mobile

Posted by mobile phone:
How much longer will I take to finally start blogging from my phone? A question that will probably never be answered satisfactorily – just like the one that asks when I will start blogging regularly.

This device is a definite improvement over the piddly 6600 I had before this. Windows and Word also really help – especially the really cool auto-complete feature. Some time ago, I made up my mind not to blog about blogging, but becoming mobile and retaining the ability to blog seems to be worth breaking that resolution. read more

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