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Rain makes me write!

It’s drizzling. It’ll probably be over in a few minutes. Nevertheless, it’s an event that triggers me to say something.

As long as I was in Chennai, there was always the possibility of rain. The skies would open up at the most unexpected moments, transforming a dry dusty day into a delicious-smelling, if somewhat muggy,time for hot coffee, boiled peanuts and long conversations with strangers. Summers were rendered more bearable by this promise – that at any time, no matter how hot or dry it was, rain was just a god’s whim away. This is perhaps the one single thing I miss the most in Hyderabad. Outside the monsoon, it does not rain. Period. read more

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That Black Dog – Again!

Okay, this is getting serious. There is this black dog that lives somewhere on the one-way street that I take everyday to get on to Mount Road (Anna Salai to the purists, or not!) from Usman Road.

I did write a post about him a few days ago, and here I am, doing it again! This guy is getting to be one celebrity of a dog!

Yesterday morning, I was passing by his street when I spotted him, sitting upright on the extreme left of the road, watching the traffic lazily. At this point, a (typical Chennai) cyclist, blissfully ignoring the trouble he was causing by his actions, was slowly cycling down the road, against the flow of traffic, on his extreme right. Now, our hero, the black dog, was sitting well off the road, presenting no obstacle to any one. Seeing the offending cyclist, he decided to teach him a lesson, and slowly got up, stepped out in front of the cyclist, and stretched. The cyclist, suddenly finding his way blocked by a dog, and having no space to manoeuvre, braked sharply. This threw him off balance, and he flailed wildly for a moment before jumping off his bicycle in order to save himself from the ignominy of falling off. By this time, our hero had finished his stretching and had returned to his former position. The cyclist, looking stupid and defeated, went on his way. The dog, secure in the knowledge that he had struck one for law and order, sat looking at his street. I came away with another story – straight from the dog! read more

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It’s a dog’s life!

As I was driving to work this morning, I was stuck behind an auto with an unusual occupant – a dog. It was sticking its head out of the side of the auto and generally taking in the sights and smells of a damp Chennai rush hour. We were going on a one-way street, and the auto was on the right hand side of the street.

At this point, another dog was lazily making its way by the side of the road, moving against the traffic and minding its own business while keeping a nostril out for any intruders. Suddenly, it caught scent of the dog in the auto and stopped in its tracks. The auto, though only crawling along, was moving nevertheless, and left in its wake a very confused dog wondering where that whiff of intruder had come from. It looked around, and over its shoulder, caught a glimpse of the dog in the auto withdrawing its muzzle rather hastily to avoid hitting a telephone pole. It then continued on its way, looking rather disgruntled. I could swear that it was shaking its head thinking, “What is this world coming to? Dogs in autos? What will they think of next?” read more

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Weird Movie Description!

Vidya and I were dallying in Apple Dapple in Besant Nagar, when we came across a copy of Mayajaal Times. The movie schedules carried a one-line description of each movie. Here is the movie description for Kanaa Kanden. Excuse the horrible image – the scanner is on the blink and I had to use my digital camera.

Weird Movie Description

Magesh tells me the movie has something to do with a water purification technique that the protagonist has mapped out. However, I wonder how there can be “emotional incidents” involved in this! read more

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A Picture Story

Ramesh and I were on his bike, riding down Purasawalkam High Road (I think), when I spotted this huge wall in the middle of the road. This was as high as your average domestic compund wall, and I remarked that this would stop jaywalkers from crossing the road randomly. Ramesh, an old Purasawalkam hand, told me not to be too sure. These people, he said, would jump across this divider with ease. I dismissed this as one of Ramesh’s typical “These-Chennaivaasis-are-crazy” comments. read more

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Barefoot in the Park

Watched Evam’s Barefoot in the Park last night. It was a quite a wonderful show, and the talent of the actors was undeniable.

I watched a play after nearly three years. I had almost forgotten the feeling of watching theatre in Chennai – it is a unique and powerfully moving experience. The audience and the players connect palpably, more so in a performance like Barefoot in the Park, where part of the performance extended off the stage into the aisle, and also outside the auditorium. The Sivagami Pethachi auditorium was cosy and compact, and the Chennai theatre audience was as empathetic as ever. read more

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