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Documenting your Journey of a Lifetime

Recording your journeys

So you’re going on that journey of a lifetime, and you want to document it. Take pictures, write detailed blog posts, send out real-time updates to friends and family. Or at least, this is the grand plan you set out to achieve. The end result usually turns out to be sporadic updates on your favorite social network, along with a few selfies and a few more pictures with semi-detailed captions. The best anecdotes and stories you share verbally with a few close friends or colleagues, and it’s all forgotten. If you’re like me, maybe a blog post will come out of it in a couple of months. read more

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India: Top 5 Touch Devices

I wrote a list of my top 5 touch devices for a piece called Titans of Touch in the latest issue of BusinessWorld and they edited it a bit to fit their layout demands. Here’s the version I wrote:

And so it is – I find myself with an unlimited budget, and five of my favourite touchscreen devices on the shopping list. I find myself hard put to make a choice – what will I get two of? But then, sanity prevails, and I promise myself I will get only one of each device. And so, without any further ado, here’s the list of five touchscreen devices I will rush out and buy the moment I get the cash!

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Airtel iPhone – Absurdly Overpriced

Finally, after months of teasing, the price of the Airtel iPhone was revealed. Any hopes I had of buying one were dashed when I got an SMS earlier today with the absurdly high prices of Rs. 31000 (~USD715) for the 8GB version and Rs. 36100 (~USD833) for the 16GB version. Another SMS told me I could book the phone by paying Rs. 5000 at an Airtel retail showroom. A third SMS told me I would then get an appointment to pick up an iPhone after I paid the full price.

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