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Inception – A Must-watch!


Never before has a movie engaged my mind so much, for so long, and so deliciously.

Christopher Nolan thoroughly deserves all the praise that has been heaped on him. My personal wonderment is at his achievement of making such a complex story so accessible and entertaining.

There is a reason science fiction, from classic to modern, is a niche genre, and it is the rare book or movie that makes it into mainstream consciousness. And that happens because of the appeal to other, more universal values that are handled by them. The reason good, hard core science fiction remains in the niche is that it is usually inaccessible to mass audiences, relying instead on using very specific science fiction tropes* to keep them going. The tropes, obviously, break down in general audiences as they exist only within the sci-fi community. read more

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Angels and Demons – Movie Review

I felt vaguely unsatisfied after watching the Da Vinci Code. I have no such complaints about Angels and Demons. It was a solid 138 minutes of unflagging action, with strong performances and really good camerawork and editing.

I read the book long ago and, must confess, found it much better than its better-known sibling, The Da Vinci Code. What is required, like it is when viewing any work of fiction, is a wilful suspension of disbelief, and this work asks for oodles of suspension. The now famous professor, Robert Langdon, played again by Tom Hanks, is back, and this time is asked to take on an old enemy of the Roman Catholic Church, the Illuminati.

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Quantum of Solace – A Real Bond Movie

Caught QoS on opening night, and immediately liked it. It’s been a long time since I really enjoyed a new Bond movie – Casino Royale was an abomination, fixated as it was on M’s mother-like concern for Bond.

I went to see Quantum of Solace with very low expectations – Daniel Craig as Bond did not work for me at all in the last movie. However, the movie took off with the opening car chase as Bond-like as ever. The jerky camera-work, which is a bit disconcerting in the beginning, quickly grows on you, and seems to convey the mood of the action scenes.

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Om Shanti Om


Om Shanti Om


Year: 2007

Director: Farah Khan


  • Om Prakash Makhija / Om Kapoor: Shah Rukh Khan
  • Shantipriya / Sandy: Deepika Padukone
  • Pappu Master: Shreyas Talpade
  • Mukesh Mehra: Arjun Rampal

    Just got back from watching Om Shanti Om, and liked it enough to refer to it casually as OSO without feeling stupid!

    After hearing horror stories about Saawariya (which means “Are you dying?” in colloquial Tamil!), and reviews about OSO being a ‘can watch once’ movie, it was with a bit of trepidation that we went. But then, it was a Saturday evening, and the two-theatre wannabe multiplex (Grandly called Talkie Town, but in reality a thinly-repackaged ‘complex’ of two theatres called Krishna and Narasimha – more about this in a separate post maybe) was too near to even complain about the drive.

    The movie was quite enjoyable, and proceeded at a decent clip. “The first half is a lot of fun,” friends had warned, “and the second half is okkaaaay.” But surprisingly, I found the first half ‘okkaaaay’ and the second half thoroughly entertaining. But hey – I loved Sivaji and Chandramukhi too!

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    Anukokunda Oka Roju

    now that you are in hyd.. you should check out a telugu movie called anukokunda oka roju
    I simply loved it .. probably the best Indian movie I’ve seen in a long, long time..

    These words, casually typed by Karthik while we were chatting a couple of months ago, sent me on a hunt around the city for a DVD of the movie. Since my Telugu is not really that good (okay, I don’t know anything beyond champesthaanu and me kosam!), I had to find one with English subtitles.

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    Superman Returns – Oh What a Bore!

    Stuporman Bore – that’s what Superman Returns turned out to be.

    Vidya and I were excited when we saw the trailers – Brandon Routh looked like Superman, and the action seemed promising. So off we rushed to buy tickets for the day show on the first Saturday it was showing.

    Unfortunately we could get only first class tickets, and what an experience it proved to be. The sound system at Sathyam was shot – you could hear none of the softer spoken dialogues (of which there seemed to be an inordinate profusion), while the loud action sequences were cacophonic. read more

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    Hitchcock’s Rope

    Vidya and I watched Hitchcock’s Rope yesterday. It was a tense, taut thriller, very reminiscent of a stage play. Powerful performances, a wonderful premise, suspense that grips you every minute of the movie – classic Hitchcock!

    There was no action, most of the plot developments taking place in conversation and in the minds of the actors. What really impressed us was that a movie made almost sixty years ago, with not even a fraction of the technologies available today, could hold us in our seats for 80 minutes straight, not letting our attention stray for even a moment! read more

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