Temple Run

Fiction inspired by the incredibly addictive game, Temple Run

The air was dank but cool – a contrast to the fetid all-embracing warmth of the heavy air rising from the steamy swamp outside. As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could make out the inside of the temple. The light from the large door through which we had entered had petered out once we had taken a couple of turns in the labyrinth. I wish I had my flashlight – “You don’t need it. All you need is to walk in, pick up the idol and walk out,” was what the man had said. I wished I had listened to my instincts instead of him. Of course, he was the boss – he was the one paying me to do this, plus he was the one with the helicopter that had dropped us off a couple of kilometers away.


Flux and uncertainity certainly do not seem to aid writing! Such has been my state in the past few weeks, and a result, Blogocenticity has remained unupdated.

 I was about to write that the past few weeks were interesting, as in the ancient Chinese proverb, but it seems that it is not ancient, not Chinese and not a proverb! Be that as it may, life has definitely been interesting.

On one front, a long-developing saga took me here, there and everywhere, and just when it seemed that the dragon had been slain, it seems to have grown a new head in quite an unexpected place. It is not time yet to put away the swords – the game is still on, and has to be played till some clear resolution is reached. read more

Game 7 – Earliest Memory

My earliest memory is the smell of rain. Running outside to play in the puddles. Making people figures out of the wet mud. I must have been two or three then.