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Commercial Media Workers and the “War on Mumbai”

As much as the terrorist attack on Mumbai has exposed India’s unpreparedness to respond, it has exposed the Indian media’s lack of ethics and the death of journalism in Indian television.

The commercial media workers have been screaming at us continuously for about four days now, conveying opinions and impressions rather than facts and figures. Bringing us, and to the terrorists, minute-by-minute updates on what the over-burdened, blundering, ill-equipped “security” forces were up to. They did not leave anyone alone – not freed hostages, nor the families of those who were still trapped. They kept beating their breasts once in a while, proclaiming that they were “standing sentinel” and performing a yeomen service, even going so far as to call themselves heroes. Two channels were even going at each other, claiming how their live coverage was actually live and not five minutes delayed like the other channels.

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TV Ads: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – Part 2

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More cricket, more ads, more reviews!

HDFC Standard Life Insurance children’s plan has an ad that defies logic, at least to me. A dad claims that he has been saving for his teenage daughter’s education ever since she was a little girl. However, the ad has a contemporary setting, which makes me wonder how the dad used the product being advertised, which is but a few years old. A lot of sentimental sugar, but not too much logic, I think.

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TV Ads: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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Watching a cricket match also means watching a lot of commercials. Some are good, most are okay and a few are downright stupid / offensive / bad.

Axis bank financial advisory services: With a lawyer reading out a will that leaves different bills to be paid by different people, this one ranges between okay and wtf.

Bheja fry? 7-Up try! This one with the chap in a commuter train falls into the okay category just because it’s a usual 7-Up ad. It’s fun and all, but blah.

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