How I got my Cabooter Jolly On!

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Under attack by villainous winged vermin, and thwarted at every turn, I have to dig deep into my fighting reserves to face the flying scum that desecrate all that we hold dear. Do I rise to the occasion? Or to the birds have the last cackle? Find out this and more in this thrilling post!

Temple of the Pig – A Tale of Treachery

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This is the tale of the Pannikoil, or the Temple of the Pig, which flourished in my hometown, Coimbatore, for a brief period. Here is the story of the unlikely prophetess and her treacherous end. This happened sometime between 1982 and 1986 – these were the years we spent in a house on VNK Thevar… Continue reading Temple of the Pig – A Tale of Treachery

Close Encounters of the Hyderabadi Kind!

The Hyderabadi notion of personal space is an interesting phenomenon, and can come as an unexpected shock to newcomers. I recall some of my early encounters and share my experience so that you can be adequately prepared for when you finally make it here!