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Planted Nano Again!

Just finalising plans for the planted nano.

As of now, I’ve decided to put the moss wall on the backburner. The wall itself will take up about an inch of space, and the moss will grow maybe an inch or an inch and a half. That means a total loss of two and a half inches. The deepest the tank is is eight inches – which will leave a very narrow column of water in which my foreground plants can grow. Bung in some livestock, and you have a very congested space – not at all an ideal set up. read more

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Planning a Planted Nano

The past few weeks, I’ve been panning what to do with a nano tank I have. It’s an ideal nano – about 11 inches high, 12 inches wide, 7 to 8 inches deep (the bow-front makes the depth variable). After countless hours looking at other planted nanos and discussions with my aquarist brother, I finally had a half-plan: I would have a planted nano, but with one crucial difference – it wouldn’t have any substrate!

Now, I know you must be wondering how one goes about setting up a planted aquarium without any substrate (no – I’m not using pots!). The idea, in hindsight, sounds simple. Grow a moss wall in the back, and in the foreground, have pieces of driftwood with epiphytes on them! read more

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