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Came across BlogCamp, and was wondering whether I should go. Then I discovered Syed, and then there was no choice, I simply had to be there! bills itself as India’s Biggest and the most comprehensive blog event and is intended to be an unconference on all things blogging. What is really exciting is that this is going to be in Chennai – so I can be in it without going to too much trouble 🙂 It will be on at the Tidel Park on the 9th and 10th of September – go and register if you want to be there. read more

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After a long time, managed to squeeze in some reading time – albeit online.

So much has been written about blogs, bloggers and blogging that I no longer read such articles fully. However, it takes an Economist writer to do the impossible – write readably about blogging! Read it here.

Bob Metcalfe writes about the challenge to his law, and argues why it is not really productive to split hairs.

CNN Money has a detailed and interesting write-up on the money in blogging, and traces the development of blogging as a new media. read more

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Windows Live Writer

Finally, a blogging tool from Microsoft that promises a lot, and according to recent reviews, delivers too. Spellchecking seems to be working, though not as you type. What’s funny is that it doesn’t seem to recognize the word “blogging,” and I had to add it to the dictionary!

A really cool feature is that this is really WYSIWIG – it shows you what you type with the formatting from the theme currently enabled on your blog. Of course, I still haven’t published this post, so I don’t really know how it will turn out online. read more

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Blogathon 2006

So here I am, all of three half-posts in July, and I sign up for the Blogathon! Call me a glutton for punishment, or a complete idiot. But it’s the idea that intrigues me.

I was originally supposed to be on holiday at the time of the blogathon, and was thinking I couldn’t participate, but that got cancelled and here I am, signing up!

Click on this image to sponsor me, or to look around the Blogathon 2006 site and see if you can join in the fun too!

My First Blogathon!

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I have been “unblogged” for the past few days. A quick post to break the impasse.

I got 149 spam comments today – looks like I was not alone!

Stumbled across Mailinator, an interesting way to beat spammers!

Unique wildlife has evolved on many Pacific Islands, and there is a drive to preserve them – which seems to be against the very change that drove them to evolve into what they are. More thoughts in this vein when I have the time to give them shape.

People spending a bomb on their cellphones are carrying their toys to the grave – literally! read more

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Diaries from Half-a-year Ago

A couple of diary-like entries I wrote about six months ago.

25th August 2005

Written on the night train to Coimbatore

And so it begins.

A journey speeding into the night. A familiar route, an unfamiliar journey.

I look out of the window and see a swathe of stars. A bit of sky is visible through the window, and of it, only a small swathe is cloudless. The stars shine brightly, seemingly mocking me, for it is such an unfamiliar sky. I cannot name one single object in the bit of sky I can see. Normally, I would be able to point out a planet, or a constellation, or even the odd star. But this time, I’m stumped. I am very disconcerted by the unfamiliar sky. It all adds up, lending more and more to the atmosphere around me.

The past few weeks have been woolly. Very woolly. I have written nothing – not even a two line blog post, and feel both stifled as well as blocked. I seem to have a lot of things to say, yet, nothing to say. I have been talking to others, but myself mostly, about this, and trying to break this drought. I have been unable to do so, and this rambling is perhaps the first concrete step towards breaking free.

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Bilingual Blogging

Having recently been initiated into the mysteries of non-English blogging, one feels that a bit of explaining is in order.

I, like many of my peers, read and write English much better than any other language. This, in spite of the fact that my first language (or mother tongue, as it is called in this part of the world!) is Tamil. The Indian education system, a not-too-evolved version of Macaulay’s mid-nineteenth century model of masters and rote, places a lot of stress on English as the medium of instruction. Add to that a set of parents who are fluent English speakers and a house filled with English books of every description and you have a perfect recipe for a very Tamil-deprived childhood!

However, Tamil was and is the language of everyday life. Friends, relatives, shopkeepers, strangers, bus conductors, the bandyman – everyone spoke to you and were spoken to in Tamil. Teachers spoke to you in English, even if some were not terribly good at it, and would hit you with a cane if they caught you speaking in “the vernacular,” as they called it. My parents switched easily between spoken Tamil and English easily and naturally. As a result, my spoken Tamil is as good as it can get – after all I am a native speaker. The only peculiarity was the lilt of the Kongunadu region that was firmly imprinted on my Tamil. This has now all but disappeared – the result of various wanderings in different parts of Tamilnadu, and more than a decade of living in Chennai. But the moment I am speaking to someone with the lilt, it reappears, as if by magic!

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தமிழில் blogging செய்வது

தமிழில் எப்படி blog செய்வது என்று ஒரு திடீர் கேள்வி, மின்னலை போல் என்னை அடித்தது. தேடினேன் தேடினேன் Google, Yahoo இரன்டிலும் தேடினேன். முரசை பார்த்தேன் – புரியவில்லை. அழகியை பார்த்தேன் – ஐநூறு ரூபாய் கோடுத்து வாங்கினேன். தமிழில் தட்டச்சு அடிக்க முடியாமல் முழித்தேன். அதற்கு பின் தான் குரளை கண்டேன். அதன் எளிமையில் மயங்கினேன். தமிழ் blogging களத்தில் இரங்கியுள்ளேன். read more

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