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Last Post in Blogathon 2006

And so it ends. My first Blogathon. The experience has been great.

The dedication of my monitor, Cricket, is absolutely wonderful – thanks for everything Cricket!

I do look forward to getting back to the Blogathon next year – and hopefully will make it without falling asleep!

Thanks also to my two sponsors – I’m glad I finished with something more than zero!

Thanks also to all who visited and commented.

And of course to Vidya, for putting up with me throughout.

So long, and thanks for all the fish! read more

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Hockenheim Update

I’m so caught up in the race that I’m going to be making only a tiny post.

It’s about halfway done now.

Villeneuve just destroyed his car, crashing into the tyre wall at high speed.

Michael Schumacher and Felipe Massa are leading the race – 28 seconds ahead of Button in third. Alonso doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the picture, and Raikkonnen who started from pole was undone by a botched-up early pit stop.

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Nearing the End

The end of the Blogathon nears. A niggling back ache is slowly trying to make its presence felt. The morning nap I took has really helped – it has taken the edge off whatever afflictions that would have beset me had I kept going without a break.

I need to take a shower, and then maybe hit the sack straight away – I need to be at work tomorrow.

In the meantime, the last hour of the Blogathon will also be the time of the German Grand Prix at Hockenheim. Watching Schumacher race at his home track should be good! read more

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This is a picture I took on a trip to Pulicat in Andhra Pradesh in 2005. We were walking on the lake-bed, looking for birds one brutally-hot summer day when on the road we saw this jeep. We later found out that these jeeps were the only mode of publich transport at most times of the day. Government buses were few and far between, and so people risked life and limb to get to where they were going. This also reminds me of the Cambodian bamboo railway.

How many people does it take...

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Planted Nano Again!

Just finalising plans for the planted nano.

As of now, I’ve decided to put the moss wall on the backburner. The wall itself will take up about an inch of space, and the moss will grow maybe an inch or an inch and a half. That means a total loss of two and a half inches. The deepest the tank is is eight inches – which will leave a very narrow column of water in which my foreground plants can grow. Bung in some livestock, and you have a very congested space – not at all an ideal set up. read more

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More Movies

Watched over the last last month were two more movies: The French Lieutenant’s Woman and Adaptation.

The French Lieutenant’s Woman was innovatively made, two almost parallel storylines alternating with each other. It was quite gripping, and the performances were quite good. The endings, while not exactly a surprise, still complemented the entire movie. All in all, an enjoyable watch.

Adaptation, on the other hand, started out brilliantly, proceeded well, before nastily spiralling out of control in the last twenty minutes. Good performances by Nicholas Cage, Meryl Streep and Chris Cooper. Worth watching, but be prepared for a less than satisfactory ending. read more

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Bad Movies

If you had read my lament a few posts back about watching bad movies and wondered what provoked it, here is the answer.

Usually, when we go to the DVD rental shop, Vidya makes the final decision on whether or not a particular movie is to be rented. We each of us pull out a few, and from that she chooses. Her choices are usually good, and both of us enjoy them.

Last week, I ended up alone at the shop as Vidya was working late. After looking around for a while, I picked up Kung Fu Hustle – which I knew Vidya would never watch, and Albert Brooks’ Looking for Comedy in the Muslim World, one that I hoped would be watchable. Both turned out to be terrible choices. Albert Brooks’ wooden portrayal with a bunch of stereotypes so hopeless they weren’t even funny made it a struggle even to get to the end of the movie. I never got a chance to finish watching Kung Fu Hustle as Vidya was too disgusted with it. For the first time, we returned a movie without actually fully watching it. read more

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