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The Price of Ignorance

… is fifty rupees, if you go by Magesh’s experience.

He was in his ancestral place – Mayiladuthurai – a couple of days ago, and was at a Sify I-way checking his email. Along comes a boy, and asks the person in charge of the center for a "Yahoo Messenger CD."

"Fifty rupees, and I have only the older version," says the cafe operator. The boy is not put off, and cheerfully pays the cash and takes the CD.

If the boy was going to install and use Yahoo Messenger, he probably has an internet connection. And if he has an internet connection, he probably can download Yahoo Messenger himself… read more

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Return of the Kadi

When we were in school, and later when we were in college, a genre of humour, heavily dependent on puns, homophones, and lateral thinking, flourished. These were the ‘kadi’ (tamil for bite) jokes. A few of us were accomplished masters, while everyone took a stab at it. At its peak, all popular magazines ran ‘kadi’ jokes, with Ananda Vikatan’s Mr. X jokes leading the way. Then slowly, the popularity of kadi jokes waned, and it went into a decline. Of course, die-hard afficionados kept the genre alive, punning away in like-minded company. Today, it seems to be making a comeback, taking the form of ‘Thathuvams,’ forwarded by email and text messages.

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Overheard: Tamil Movie Dialogue

As I ascended the stairs, I heard the following bit of dialogue, accompanied by a dramatic flourish of background music:

Young (?) female voice: Why mother, you have invited the murderer who killed your husband into your house and are giving him food. Are you not ashamed of yourself?

And then, after a pause, tha same voice: Will you go out yourself or wait for me to tell you to leave?

By this time, I had entered my apartment.

Strangely enough, my interest was not piqued enough to turn on the television! read more

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Death by Horse Tail

If you repeatedly hit someone with a horse’s tail, they’ll die. Apparently a microbiologist in Mumbai was married to a man against her wishes. She then got herself a horsetail whip and kept hitting her husband with it playfully. After some time, he died.

The sleuths in Mumbai’s answer to CSI somehow found this out and confronted her, and she confessed.

Story from Magesh

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Weird Movie Description!

Vidya and I were dallying in Apple Dapple in Besant Nagar, when we came across a copy of Mayajaal Times. The movie schedules carried a one-line description of each movie. Here is the movie description for Kanaa Kanden. Excuse the horrible image – the scanner is on the blink and I had to use my digital camera.

Weird Movie Description

Magesh tells me the movie has something to do with a water purification technique that the protagonist has mapped out. However, I wonder how there can be “emotional incidents” involved in this! read more

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Fair and Handsome!

It had to happen sooner or later, what with all the guys discreetly buying Fair and Lovely!

Emami has launched Fair and Handsome, a men’s fairness cream.

Whatever happened to tall, dark and handsome?

On another note, a hostelmate of mine used to freshen up and apply make up before he went to sleep. He would carefully apply Fair and Lovely and a popular talcum powder before turning in. When asked why, he would reply, in all earnest, that he wanted to look good in his dreams.

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Titanic in Tamil

Tamil television channels have realised that major Hollywood hits dubbed in Tamil are a big draw – both Vijay TV and Sun TV offer them up at least once a week.

A friend of a friend, on being asked by his boss whether he wanted to go watch an English movie: “No sir. I understood Titanic only after I watched it in Tamil.”

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