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Hometown blues…

At the end of this month, I am going to my hometown after a break of 14 months – the longest I’ve been away. My parents still live there, as do Vidya’s. When I think of going back, I feel a strange beckoning that is totally unfamiliar. I cannot classify it – it is too subtle and too fleeting. Suddenly, a melancholy comes upon me, a nameless sadness at an unknown loss. Yet, without explanation, that sadness is tinged with a euphoria that is as unexplainable as itself. It is difficult to classify it as pleasure and it most definitely is not pain. Maybe this is what the ancients meant when they were talking about “our pain” or nostalgia. read more

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My first fine!

Last night, I was in Besant Nagar, trying to get out money from the ATM. I had parked my Scooty outside the ATM and when I got back, I found a policeman trying to “c lamp” it. Apparently it was a no parking zone and I had to pay a fine. The funny thing was, the fine was only fifty rupees. But I had to pay a hundred more rupees as “unc lamping charges,” in spite of the fact that my vehicle had not been c lamped at all! Anyway, in commemoration of my first fine since I got a licence 14 years ago, here are the receipts and the charge sheet! read more

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