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L’affaire IIPM

Just when you thought it had all gone away, here I am with another post on the IIPM imbroglio. Well, I came across these, and I very well couldn’t let them pass without being mentioned, could I?

Outlook has coverage on the issue, where T R Vivek says that “the time has come to lay down the ground rules for both bloggers and their targets.”

It is almost as if he is resentful that people other than journalists can actually take it upon themselves to write about issues – he says: read more

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IIPM and the Blogosphere

Finally, I get off my backside and write about the ongoing plastering IIPM is getting from the Blogosphere. I was about to write war, but it hardly seems that, does it? The blogosphere is consistently proving itself one step ahead of IIPM, but what one fears is the establishment, which has not proved itself very tech-savvy in the past.

So much has been written on this that anything I say will be mere repetition. Kaps’ call to action and Zuckerman’s concise version of the events, along with Desipundit’s painstaking chronicling of the whole fiasco should suffice for a primer. Of course, Desipundit has also linked to many blog posts on this topic. read more

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