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The .in Farce

So I decide to get myself a .in domain – and remembering that the registration process was supposed to be open from today or tomorrow, I visited the IN Registry and saw the following:

The following registrars are fully accredited, and are authorized to register .IN domain names beginning 16 February 2005.

* DirectI
* GoodLuckDomains
* InCyber Advertising
* MPS TechnoSoft Ltd., dba
* (S.G.S.Technologie Private Limited)
* Net4India Limited, dba Net4Domains.
* OnlineNIC
* Silicon House read more

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BSNL Dataone

If you thought the BSNL Dataone offers sounded too good to be true, you are probably right! Just like everyone else, I too was excited at the plans and convinced my boss that we should shift from our existing Airtel 512 broadband line to a BSNL Dataone connection. As the published tariff was exactly half of what we were paying, it also seemed a wise decision from a budget point of view.

So, we filled out the form and submitted it at our local exchange, and were told that “someone would come to our premises and do the installation.” read more

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Invisible India

Whenever talk of technical education in India comes up, the images invoked are those of the IITs and the NITs, and then may be a few other engineering colleges. Not too much, if anything at all, is said about polytechnics and industrial training institutes. These institutes produce over 150,000 technicians a year, many of them in great demand both in India and abroad. The best of these seem to be the training centres of the Nettur Technical Training Foundation or the NTTF. There are other well-known and well-regarded institutions such as the Government Toolroom and Training Centre and the Indo-German Toolrooms. read more

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