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Wired – at last!

The 25th of March will no longer be known as an ordinary day, but as the day the hamlet of Hafeezpet declared in one voice, “We will not remain quietly in the dark! We will not remain unwired for long! We are going online! We have Internet!

Heh heh – just couldn’t resist that!

Finally, almost four months after moving to Hafeezpet, I have internet. Granted, it is just cable, and from an unheard of ISP (called Teja network I think), but it is still better than no internet at all. The speed seems to be decent, and the price is not too high. Of course, time will tell how reliable this supposedly always on connection really is! read more

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Came across BlogCamp, and was wondering whether I should go. Then I discovered Syed, and then there was no choice, I simply had to be there! bills itself as India’s Biggest and the most comprehensive blog event and is intended to be an unconference on all things blogging. What is really exciting is that this is going to be in Chennai – so I can be in it without going to too much trouble 🙂 It will be on at the Tidel Park on the 9th and 10th of September – go and register if you want to be there. read more

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After a long time, managed to squeeze in some reading time – albeit online.

So much has been written about blogs, bloggers and blogging that I no longer read such articles fully. However, it takes an Economist writer to do the impossible – write readably about blogging! Read it here.

Bob Metcalfe writes about the challenge to his law, and argues why it is not really productive to split hairs.

CNN Money has a detailed and interesting write-up on the money in blogging, and traces the development of blogging as a new media. read more

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The Price of Ignorance

… is fifty rupees, if you go by Magesh’s experience.

He was in his ancestral place – Mayiladuthurai – a couple of days ago, and was at a Sify I-way checking his email. Along comes a boy, and asks the person in charge of the center for a "Yahoo Messenger CD."

"Fifty rupees, and I have only the older version," says the cafe operator. The boy is not put off, and cheerfully pays the cash and takes the CD.

If the boy was going to install and use Yahoo Messenger, he probably has an internet connection. And if he has an internet connection, he probably can download Yahoo Messenger himself… read more

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Blog Quake Day

Today is Blog Quake Day, that day when we all blog for awareness on the earthquake in Kashmir, as well as ask everyone to contribute to the relief efforts.

Awareness about the earthquake and its impact is an important step in helping with relief – going beyond a “it’s-a-big-earthquake-and-lots-of-people-died” awareness is itself a way of understanding what is going on, and what one can do to help.

Read all about the quake and the relief efforts on the BBC’s in depth look at the South Asia Quake. read more

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IIPM and the Blogosphere

Finally, I get off my backside and write about the ongoing plastering IIPM is getting from the Blogosphere. I was about to write war, but it hardly seems that, does it? The blogosphere is consistently proving itself one step ahead of IIPM, but what one fears is the establishment, which has not proved itself very tech-savvy in the past.

So much has been written on this that anything I say will be mere repetition. Kaps’ call to action and Zuckerman’s concise version of the events, along with Desipundit’s painstaking chronicling of the whole fiasco should suffice for a primer. Of course, Desipundit has also linked to many blog posts on this topic. read more

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Google Reader – Making Madness of Sense

I read a few blogs everyday. They are not too many, so I don’t need a feed reader – I just use Live Bookmarks in Firefox.

So, when I came across Google Reader, I was not too excited. However, since I use Gmail almost obsessively, and it gave me access to Reader, I’m tinkering around with it. Surprisingly, for a Google product, it seems to be extremely non-intuitive and buggy. Maybe its me and my unfamiliarity with feedreaders, but Google Reader is frustrating me even as I type this. read more

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Why I have a Blog

Since I already have a “full” blog running at Blogocentricity, why on earth would I need another blog? I have been writing a post on this in my head for the past so many days, and what happens? Another guy (well, not just “another guy”, but Owen!) beats me to it, and writes, much more coherently than I would have been able to put it, why he has a blog!

Read it here, replace “Asymptomatic” with “Blogocentricity,” “Owen” with “Navin” and “kids” with “guys,” and you have my post! read more

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Bashing Microsoft China

Microsoft censors Chinese blogs
Microsoft helps China to censor bloggers
Microsoft censors its blog tool

It’s as if Christmas, New Year and your birthday happened on the same day. The media have gone to town, crying foul because Microsoft China is not breaking the law.

I wonder what RSF would do if they had a lot of money – hire a mercenary army and try to ‘liberate’ China? Just because a country happens to have laws with which they do not agree, they express “disgust” when Microsoft or Yahoo abides by the laws of a land. What do they want – corporate giants to turn social activists? read more

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