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Wired – at last!

The 25th of March will no longer be known as an ordinary day, but as the day the hamlet of Hafeezpet declared in one voice, “We will not remain quietly in the dark! We will not remain unwired for long! We are going online! We have Internet!

Heh heh – just couldn’t resist that!

Finally, almost four months after moving to Hafeezpet, I have internet. Granted, it is just cable, and from an unheard of ISP (called Teja network I think), but it is still better than no internet at all. The speed seems to be decent, and the price is not too high. Of course, time will tell how reliable this supposedly always on connection really is! read more

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Hyderabad Snippets

House of Noise and Dust

After much house-hunting and agonising, found a new flat about four kilometres from work – in the small and backward village of Hafeezpet. No broadband, newspapers that are delivered well after 8:00 a.m., people who speak nothing other than Telugu, no roads, though we have a highway and a railway track nearby, stone-breaking yards within shouting distance, buffaloes grazing around, a village pond, open defecation all around, hot dusty winds all afternoon – these are but a few characteristics of the charming rural life we lead.

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