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I Love Firefox!

I’ve been using Firefox for a few months now and I’m totally in love with it! What I like best about it is all the cool plugins you can use – and you don’t need to go out of your browser to do anything online. Fireftp and DTA – two of the plugins I use the most – have made me junk my FTP software and download software.

This IS the future of the browser!

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My first fine!

Last night, I was in Besant Nagar, trying to get out money from the ATM. I had parked my Scooty outside the ATM and when I got back, I found a policeman trying to “c lamp” it. Apparently it was a no parking zone and I had to pay a fine. The funny thing was, the fine was only fifty rupees. But I had to pay a hundred more rupees as “unc lamping charges,” in spite of the fact that my vehicle had not been c lamped at all! Anyway, in commemoration of my first fine since I got a licence 14 years ago, here are the receipts and the charge sheet! read more

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